Afarax, Belgique

Afarax, Belgique


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​Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors combined with strong experiences in key practice areas to provide our clients with transversal knowledge needed to be successful.
​Financial Services:
​Investment & Retail Banking, Asset Management & Private Banking, Payment Companies, Life and Non-life Insurance​, Mutual Insurance Companies

Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Railway and Infrastructure​

​Life Sciences:
Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Chemical

​Energy & Industry:
Renewable, Thermal, Electric, Nuclear

​Media & Telecoms:
Press, Radio & Tv throughout Fix & Wireless Networks

afarax aims to provide the right person to help you in your innovation and development processes:​​

Specific Profiles:
Financial Services, Transportation, Life Sciences, Energy, Industry , Media, Telecom

Information Systems Engineers:
Governance & Business Solutions, Software & BI Expertise, Infrastructure Management

Product Life Cycle Management Specialists:
Innovation, Design, Engineering, Operations & Processes

​Mechanical Engineering Experts:
Studies, Design, Calculations, Simulations & Testing, Quality