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Rio Tinto is a leading global mining and metals company. Our focus is on finding, mining and processing the Earth's mineral resources in order to maximise value for our shareholders.
We have the people, capabilities and resources to supply a world hungry for the metals and minerals that are used in everyday life, in diverse products - from mobile phones to cars.

Global footprint
Our 66,000 people work in more than 40 countries across six continents, including in some of the most difficult terrains and climates. We are strongly represented in Australia and North America, and also have significant businesses in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.
With headquarters in the UK, our Group comprises Rio Tinto plc - a London and New York Stock Exchange listed company, and Rio Tinto Limited - which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
This global presence, and our expertise in technology and marketing, enables us to supply the right product, at the right quality, at the right time.

Our businesses include open pit and underground mines, mills, refineries, smelters and power stations - including a significant hydropower portfolio - as well as a number of research and service facilities. We also own and operate infrastructure that takes our products to our customers, including railways, ports and ships.

Products that make modern life work
From our diverse portfolio, we supply the metals and minerals that help the world to grow.
Our major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, gold, industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide and salt), iron ore, thermal and metallurgical coal and uranium.
Our metals and minerals are transformed into end-products that contribute to higher living standards and economic development. We are present at every point in the development cycle, from the iron ore that builds the fundamental infrastructure of our cities, to the copper and borates in the smartphones that keep us connected.

Construction, communication, recreation, transport, healthcare and renewable energy: all these industries, and many more, rely on the supply of metals and minerals we produce.
Under our Group-wide organisational structure, our five product groups - Aluminium, Copper, Diamonds & Minerals, Energy and Iron Ore - are supported by our Exploration and Technology & Innovation groups.

140 years in business
For 140 years, we have been unlocking the wealth held in the Earth's mineral resources, generating value for our shareholders in the process, in line with our strategy.
To deliver superior returns over time, we take a long-term and responsible approach to our activities. This means concentrating on developing first-class orebodies into long-life, expandable and low-cost operations, capable of providing competitive returns through business cycles.
The nature of our business means that our operations often last for many decades. Some of our mines have already been in operation and generating value for more than a century.

The success of our business is underpinned by our world-class assets, outstanding people and the integrity with which we do business. Everyone at Rio Tinto is bound by a common code of conduct, which governs the way we work in all corners of the world. We are absolutely focused on safety and remaining true to our values - accountability, respect, teamwork and integrity.