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Our Values

Professionally, everyone in their diversity is an integral part of a working whole, with common interests translated into values which represent and motivate us in our actions and professional relations.

    -Being honest and open in one's actions and business relations
    -Showing mutual understanding vis-à-vis one's contacts
    -Being the driving force in collaborative work
    -Being able to work in a team without internal competition; competitiveness must be developed outside the Group
    -Building positively on our diversity
    -Being responsible for one's actions and decisions within the company

Can do

    Being involved in one's assignment
    Showing perseverance in attaining the objectives assigned
    Doing things right the first time round
    Honoring one's commitments
    Integrating a principle of continuous learning


    -Being proud and confident of individual and collective achievements and company choices
    -Valuing and acknowledging collective and individual efforts and results
    -Sharing one's expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and ambitions
    -Passion for one's assignment and for our customers must be a vehicle of innovation and results.

Based on these values, our employees are subject to regular evaluations and appraisals in order to optimize both individual and team contributions, and to further improve company efficiency and results.