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Blue Mango Learning Systems creates software that helps organizations improve their software documentation and customer support processes. In 2003 we were contacted to take on what seemed like a monumental task with limited time and resources. The organizations we worked for were saying they wanted e-learning solutions. But what they were really asking for was software documentation that was useful to their customers.

We searched for development/authoring tools that would help us create the type of manuals we envisioned in the time that was available for the project. We couldn’t find anything that met our needs. You see, we believe that in order for software documentation to really work every step of the process has to be easy.

The content has to be easy to create.
It has to be easy to distribute.
It has to be easy to update.
And most importantly, it has to be in a format that is easy to understand.

No system offered this. There were tools that would help you make impressive animations and videos in attempts to rival Hollywood productions. We weren’t interested in becoming Hollywood producers. There were systems that would help you dump every bit of information possible into a 500 page tome. We weren’t interested in creating 500 page doorstops.

We wanted to do something very simple: deliver exactly what the customer needed to know when they needed to know it. But we even took it a step further. We wanted to be able to create that content in the moment the customer needed it. Think about that. Not a 6 month production cycle, but a 6 minute production cycle. No Hollywood films. No tomes. Just answers to questions that empower people to accomplish what they need to get done.

The ScreenSteps Support Suite is the embodiment of this philosophy. It provides an integrated solution for creating, publishing, distributing and updating clear, concise information. With the ScreenSteps Support Suite companies are transforming their support processes. Customers are becoming empowered. The oppressive burden of user support is being lightened. The production tools are moving to the background and our users are focusing on getting work done. They are no longer creating output for the sake of output. They are achieving the outcomes they desire.