Landmark Aviation, USA, Houston

Landmark Aviation, USA, Houston

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Welcome to Landmark Aviation, where uniting exceptional customer service and uncompromising safety standards is our primary focus.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Landmark Aviation is a portfolio company of the Carlyle Group. Landmark’s current network includes 16 fixed base operations in Europe and Canada, as well as 41 U.S. locations. In addition, Landmark offers Charter, Aircraft Management and MRO services, as well as owning and operating Encore Support Systems.

Landmark’s operating philosophy is based on two critical elements: customer service and safety. Achieving the highest standard in these two areas is dependent upon the training provided to customer service and line personnel, as well as the available technological resources. We believe that the consistency of our services throughout the network and the familiar layout of our facilities provides customers with an important sense of identification that creates loyalty and ensures a long-term relationship. Although we strive to maintain a common 'feel' at each of our locations, we have been successful at integrating the local flavor and individualized service that customers have come to know at each location.

Landmark is dedicated to hiring qualified and committed customer service and line personnel. Landmark employees complete rigorous training programs with proprietary technology to provide unsurpassed service to our customers. We have developed and executed operating policies and procedures that draw on the highest military and commercial standards. In addition, our training, both recurrent and new hire, is based primarily upon NATA’s Safety First program which provides education on all aspects of FBO operations. The NATA course is modular and includes progressive testing which must be successfully passed in order to receive certification. In addition to the technical procedures, the course covers operational safety, commonly used FBO equipment and customer service issues.

Our focus and commitment is to provide an unsurpassed customer experience at every location in the Landmark Aviation network.