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The global leader in Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software
For two decades, OpenLink has provided leading-edge technology solutions to an increasingly diverse client base. Building on our pioneering development of cross-asset trading and risk management products for energy and financial services companies, we now offer a suite of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of clients within three broad categories:

-Financial Services

With hundreds of established clients, OpenLink's technologies are the preferred solution among leading energy and commodity companies, financial services firms, multinational corporations, public utilities, hedge funds and central banks.

Maybe your need is highly-focused on trading or derivatives, or optimization of physical assets, or logistics. Perhaps you are seeking a Treasury Management System, or want to benefit from truly integrated firm-wide risk management. Or, your goal could be to move your organization toward total margin and value chain management.

Whatever your particular objective, OpenLink's suite of integrated, configurable and extensible solutions can help-facilitating improved efficiency, better use of capital and greater risk-awareness around business decision making.

At OpenLink, we recognize that technological innovation and sophistication are only the beginning. Our software engineers and business experts are committed to supporting our clients completely. This relationship enables us to constantly refine and adapt our solutions as markets change and clients' needs evolve.

Our ability to understand clients and their businesses means that implementation - including full integration with internal systems - can be achieved with unrivalled speed and rigor. What's more, training can be tailored to ensure you get the most out of your investment in technology.