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In 2007, Precious Woods expanded its operations to Gabon in Central Africa and acquired majority shares in the companies Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois CEB and Thanry Gabon Industrie TGI. Both companies are based in Libreville and employ around 650 members of staff. In East Gabon Precious Woods manages a forest concession of 674,000 hectares and harvests around 200,000 cubic meter logs annually.

Precious Woods Gabon was the first company in Gabon operating according to the principles of sustainable forestry. Like Precious Woods Amazon, Precious Woods Gabon took a leading role in this field. The company developed the first comprehensive forest management plan in Central Africa, which influenced the national forest code. It is now legally binding to manage forests in Gabon sustainably.

Precious Woods Gabon provides its staff and their families with housing, electricity, water, basic medical services, as well as shopping possibilities and simple leisure activities. In addition, the local communities receive financial contributions according to the amount of exported timber. Community members assess the most important local needs and develop projects, which are then supported by Precious Woods.

Precious Woods operates a sawmill directly in the area of its forest concession, which is being expanded since 2011. In Libreville, the company also owns a veneer plant and a timber-processing factory.

The Precious Woods Gabon company Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois (CEB) received the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate mid-October 2008, which guarantees sustainable forest management. Since 2009, the whole production chain of Precious Woods Gabon is FSC-certified.