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With people’s lives in its hands and the huge impact on the communities it serves, Airbus Group is committed to Ethics & Compliance at all times.The Airbus Group has earned the trust of billions of customers, passengers, operators and stakeholders worldwide thanks to the quality and safety of its products. Product integrity is as important as business integrity. We want to be known as a company with ‘integrity inside’: integrity in its people, its partners and its suppliers.

We want to develop an Ethics & Compliance culture that permeates throughout the organisation, from top to bottom, to all of our businesses, everywhere we operate. We can leverage the strong commitment we have from our highest-ranking executives. We reach out to all our employees in our communication and training campaigns. We encourage them to speak up and offer continuous support through various channels, such as the OpenLine.

Looking beyond its own 4 walls, Airbus Group is contributing to establishing global standards for the aerospace and defence industry. We are an active participant in a number of forums, such as the United Nations Global Compact and International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct for the Aerospace and Defence Industry, of which Airbus Group is a co-chair. These efforts have led to the adoption in 2009 of the ‘Global Principles of Business Ethics’ by European and US industry associations.

Airbus Group employees' support in bringing the Standards of Business Conduct to life is vital. That is why communication and training activities are critical components. We implement our own communication and training strategy concerning Ethics & Compliance. Surveys enable us to assess our achievement in this area.