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DAMREC is the world leader in andalusite production, with an annual production capacity exceeding 300,000 tons. Four deposits are currently in operation, three in South Africa and one in France. A very close monitoring of ore reserves ensures customers of a reliable and consistent supply.

As a result of the beneficiation know how DAMREC has developed over the years, we are able to produce pure andalusite concentrates from each deposit. The characteristics of each ore body are taken into consideration to define the most suitable beneficiation process. A combination of magnetic, heavy media and electrostatic separation and, in some cases a flotation process, are used to obtain the best andalusite concentrate.

Due to the differing nature of each concentrate we offer a wide range of andalusite grades in terms of chemistry - from 53 to 61 % in Al2O3 and from 1.2 to 0.4 % in Fe2O3 . We offer various Particle Size Distributions varying from micronized fractions up to 8 mm crystals. These are either produced from our ceramic milling and sizing facilities or are Run of Mine grades produced directly from our mines.